Sales & Sales Executive

Job description:
1. We mainly recommend European "export to door" and "import" air sea products.
2. Analyze and control risks and timely respond to the payment;
3. Complete the telephone, visit and profit indicators assigned by the company;

Job requirements:
1. College degree or above, more than one year's sales experience in freight forwarder, familiar with market and import of EXWS,FOB and export DDU,DDP sales, such as European and American door to door.
Sources and resources are preferred, and fresh graduates are welcome to join.
2. With unyielding pioneering spirit, good oral expression ability, quick response, and the courage to pursue high salary.
3. Good conduct, serious and responsible work, able to complete the tasks and indicators assigned by the company;
4. With good product resources and customers, the treatment is excellent.(work place: sichuan north road business circle, hongkou district)
5. The company has a good systematic training and an absolutely fair promotion incentive mechanism.
6. Welcome the sales team with customer resources to join as a whole.
Treatment: double leave, four gold, 10 days annual leave 13 months salary base salary + high commission (top not top) + outstanding person year end bonus.
Please send your resume with a color photo and indicate your expected salary and commission.